Study Shows Early Morning Workout has Long Term Benefits

An interesting study popped up at:

This active study of over 2,700 people in Spain finds that those who were physically active, exercising or otherwise, between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. in particular were less likely to develop prostate or breast tumors, respectively.

Unless…. people who go exercise between 8 and 10 in the morning have other healthy behaviours that reduce cancer risk…

Either way, the biggest challenge is getting people to exercise. That’s where (in general for health, not just specific cancer types) the most gains from exercise are to be attained.

Worrying about the time of day of said exercise really is a tertiary minor issue in the scheme of things.

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That being said, please exercise!

A recent study published in the journal Circulation says that short bursts of exercise lasting around 12 minutes can help activate 80 percent of the body’s metabolites and lead to not only weight loss but also better cardiometabolic health. 

To read about the scientific details of fitness, click here:

The study actually found that 12 minutes of quick exercise in a day can provide cardiometabolic benefits by activating the body’s metabolites. But despite the findings of this study and the others, there still remains no consensus among the scientific community regarding the exact duration for which short bursts of exercise should be done and hence there is a lack of formal recommendation by the CDC or any other global institution of repute.

That being said, please exercise!

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