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Notepad++ Review & Best Plugins in 2021

Notepad++ is a source code editor and notepad replacement that supports several languages in a MS Windows environment with Syntax highlighing and folding, PCRE, customizable GUI, auto-completion and more. I have been using Notepad++ for more than 10 years and it's the only Windows program that I actually miss on MacOSX and open a Virtual

Bitcoin demystified in simple terms

Bitcoin is a digital money currency system. Whew, that sounds complicated. It allows people to send or receive money across the internet, even to someone they don't know or don't trust. Money can be exchanged without being linked to a real identity. In less than 1000 words you'll be understanding the basics of Bitcoin, the risks, and why its

Our Favorite Race Fuel Additive – And Why its Used!

Well, lets start with the basics. How does a carburetor work? Suck, squeeze, bang, blow. The engine sucks in a mixture of fuel and air, then squeezes it together (compresses it), then it burns / explodes that with a bang, and finally it blows out the exhaust If an engine has a high compression ratio, it means that a given volume

Best Drones for the New Age of Pilots, 6-14

As an avid RC enthusiast a large portion of my life,its been amazing seeing the technology adavnce. Mini and micro drones are at a new point in their development. Although stiemied by the recent FAA regulations and requirements around air restrictions, there are still amazing opportunities for drone use. Registering isn't that big of a deal,