Udemy: Communication Skills – SAP, IT Consultant & Project Managers


  • No prerequisites but an interest to improve communication skills.
  • Ability to speak required language of communication.
  • Need to go through and practice all the tips provided in the course.


Communication, Communication and Communication !!  This is a vital skill for any SAP, Technical, Business Consultants as well as Managers and Project Managers. This course is made exclusively for those professionals who have critical requirement of communication skills which is key to their success.

This course is made with a specific focus on requirements of SAP, Technical, Business Consultants as well as Managers and Project Managers by an experienced SAP Business consultant who is a Project Manager too. 

Course touches all aspects of communication by a thorough analysis of a consultant’s role in his job and requirement to deal with various challenges with an effective communication skill. This also discusses various contributing elements of a good communication skills in detail.  This will help to the student to understand where he/she is lacking in his skills.  The elements mentioned in the course jointly work in shaping up a good, effective communication skill when applied practically.

Differentiators in the Course is well defined, practically proven tips to improve the skills in an effective way. The tips are derived by practical experience of the trainer during his 20+ years of experience. If applied with right intent they will be helpful in improving communication skills and achieve success in the career.

Course takes very methodical approach. First discusses various elements followed by detailed explanation of each and tips along with that to improve the communication. Course is designed keeping working professionals and aspiring professionals. This should be helpful to all category of professionals to improve their skills. All will not be experts in all elements. So, students can figure out their weak areas and apply the tips to improve upon.

Lastly, this course never outdates. It is our policy to keep the course updated every now and then when we discover something which we feel helpful to students. This gives value for your investment.

Course has 10 different section with 20 lectures along with recap quiz. This is delivered by Global Learning Labs who has their presence in Udemy since 2014 and has students around 128 countries with 18 courses.

Certainly the course will benefit you with its structured approach and we are sure you will be able to achieve bigger success in your endeavors.

Who this course is for:

  • SAP consultants
  • Technical Consultants
  • Business Consultants
  • Project Managers
  • Managers in General

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