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Best Mouse in 2020 for Office & Gaming

Without adu, here is my list of my favorite mice for gaming and office use. They all have customizable buttons, adjustable dpi, but the most important thing is fit and feel. Without beating around the bush, and just giving you the list right out, here it is in order. Logitech MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse PC Mouse (NEW!)Logitech G903

New Xbox Core Controller VS Xbox One Wireless Controller

With the release of the new Xbox Series X and the legacy Xbox One, and the never ending destructive power of children to break is just weeks what lab testing said was over a million trigger plugs - i was recently looking at new Xbox controllers and wanted to share my insights on the usability and cost between the two. In short, is it worth it to

Best 3d Print Accessories in 2020

The 3d print industry, while exciting, is still in its infancy and very much not a consumer-ready activity, and more used for industrial and hobbiest purposes. The majority of our conversion today will reside around the hobbiest part. I've been 3d Printing for over 8 years, and do it entirely for fun. I reached out to some professional

2020 – A Year in Science

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