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Is the inflationary Universe a scientific theory? Not anymore

"I know of no other scientist, no other theoretical physicist alive who has a clearer focus on whether our theories and ideas are relevant to the real world. And that's always what he's after." -Neil Turok, on Paul Steinhardt The inflationary Universe is one of the most revolutionary new ways of looking at the cosmos to come out of the last 40

5 NASA Photos – Why Chey Changed The World

"Truth in science, however, is never final, and what is accepted as a fact today may be modified or even discarded tomorrow. Science has been greatly successful at explaining natural processes, and this has led not only to increased understanding of the universe but also to major improvements in technology and public health and welfare." -National

The Hubble Space Telescope Is Falling (Synopsis)

"When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways - either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits, or by using the challenge to find our inner strength." -Dalai Lama Orbiting at hundreds of miles above Earth’s atmosphere, you’d think the Hubble Space Telescope would be safe and stable for a long time. But despite our

Slow Motion Flipping Cat Physics

High Speed video. Cats. Physics. Weightlessness. Of all my videos, if you don't share this one, you probably never will. Please consider sharing by clicking here: GiGi was not hurt during the making of this video. We took great care to make sure she would be safe. Next I'll explain how the physics involved in flipping

Take some time off – its ok!

A period of time when you do not work because of illness or holidays, or because your employer has given you permission to do something else: take/have time off One in five employeesadmits to taking time off because of stress.get/be given/receive time off Staff can get time off for a close relative's funeral but not for the funeral of a

Confirmed Image of Newborn Planet

An exciting discovery in the world of astronomy has come about recently. SPHERE, one of the most powerful planet-hunting instruments on ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT), has captured the first confirmed image of a planet, named PDS 70b, in the act of forming in the dusty disc surrounding a young star named PDS 70. The young planet, clearly…