The 3d print industry, while exciting, is still in its infancy and very much not a consumer-ready activity, and more used for industrial and hobbiest purposes. The majority of our conversion today will reside around the hobbiest part. I've been 3d Printing for over 8 years, and do it entirely


Robots Dance Better Than Me, who knew?

Boston Dynamics isn't done teaching their bizarrely human- and animal-like robots new tricks. Their latest? Shakin' mechanical booty. To show off the new capabilities of their robots today, the company dropped this sleek dance number set to "Do You Love Me?" from The Contours, which is not just "more rhythm than me." That's a low bar. The fluidity of the movement, which seems much more normal than it did only a few years ago, is what's remarkable here. Are they trying to get all

Insightful Video Teaches Story of Earth in 3 Minutes

We all accept that the Earth is ancient, just how old it is can be hard to bring into perspective. What does 4.5 billion years actually mean, after all? For our short-lived human minds, how do you even grasp that amount of time? In this 3-minute animation, "Business Insider" has done a pretty amazing job of showing Earth's timeline as if time was the distance from Los Angeles to New York. And, oh my sweet summer child, our view of the world will never be the same.

Virtual Reality is “ready and acceptable” for dealing with “pain and distress” among children

"Researchers at the University of Montreal and CHU Sainte-Justine in Canada find that, in addition to normal treatment, the use of virtual reality is a "feasible and appropriate" tool for handling the "pain and discomfort" of children during intravenous (IV) procedures. A randomized controlled trial (Clinical Trial Identifier: NCT03750578) was used by the team of scientists lead by Dr. Sylvie Le May, PhD, to decide whether virtual reality could increase patient experience by acting as a

How Patty Jenkins Steered the Wonder Woman 1984 Ship

If you ask the cast of Wonder Woman 1984 pretty much any question about the film, they will find a way to gush about how much they love working with Patty Jenkins. Did Pedro Pascal bring any of his past characters into his new role as Max Lord? No, but it took a new level of vulnerability that Patty supported him through. Has Kristin Wiig always wanted to play a villain? Yes, and almost no one has asked her—except for Patty, apparently. “ like a Japanese sword,”

Australian Robots Are Exploring the Deep Sea to Study Marine Snow

Where I live, it’s too warm out for a white Christmas. But in the deep ocean, it’s always snowing. I’m talking about marine snow, or flakes of biological debris like dirt, dead phytoplankton and algae, and even bits of fecal matter that shower down from higher waters. So festive! As off-putting as this snow may sound, it serves an important purpose in regulating the climate and providing nutrients that life on the seafloor needs to thrive. To get a better grip on the detritus, 20 Australian

This Persistence of Vision Christmas Ornament Is the Most Hypnotizing Thing You’ll See Today

One of the best things to do during Christmas, in my humble opinion, is to check out all the ornaments on the trees. I especially like to look for the ornaments that are a little out of the ordinary—think Christmas tree on top of a car—cause they just rule. This year, I’ve found a tech ornament that’s absolutely hypnotizing, and even, dare I say, calming. Sean Hodgins is a maker with a yearly tradition: He likes to make techy Christmas ornaments. There was the ornament

Facts About Cast Away on Its 20th Anniversary

When FedEx employee Chuck Noland’s plane crashes, he ends up stranded on a deserted tropical island for four years, with an inanimate volleyball named Wilson as his only friend. Deemed an “existential blockbuster” for the 21st century, not a whole lot of action occurs during Cast Away’s 143-minute running time. But Hanks’s long beard and survival scenarios generated an iconic character and film. It took Apollo 13 screenwriter William Broyles Jr. six years to shape the

Wonder Woman 1984 Post Credits Scene Explained

Do you still have questions about the Wonder Woman 1984 post credits scene? We've got all the answers you need. There’s a lot going on throughout Wonder Woman 1984‘s (very long) runtime. At one point in the film we learn the origin of Diana’s Golden Eagle armor, and that it once belonged to a legendary Amazon warrior named Asteria, who stayed behind to fight the armies of men so that her sisters could escape to Themyscira. Diana mentions that she has tried to find Asteria since she arrived