Best 3d Print Accessories in 2020

The 3d print industry, while exciting, is still in its infancy and very much not a consumer-ready activity, and more used for industrial and hobbiest purposes. The majority of our conversion today will reside around the hobbiest part.

I’ve been 3d Printing for over 8 years, and do it entirely for fun. I reached out to some professional colleagues, and combine with my experience, put together this great list.

1. A Removal Spatula

3D print removal tools are super helpful for removing printed objects that are stuck to your printer bed. Without them, you will have to pry the print off with your bare hands, which can damage the printed object and the printer bed. That’s no fun.

2. Sand Paper

Smoothing those edges out is harder than it seems. Getting the perfect print without taking every moment you have free should be your top most goal with 3d printing. Selecting the right sandpaper for the right job makes a big difference, and this set will get you through any situation you can think of.

3. Painters tape

We love this stuff.

Its amazing how quickly you need this stuff. Sometimes your prints just won’t print right, the adhesion on the surface of the platform just isn’t there.

Here’s a dirty secret most 3d printers don’t want you to know: adhesion on blue tape works nearly as well as a heated bed, in a pinch, and in my experience better than the buildtak surface most printers come with.

And last but not least!

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